It may not take a rocket scientist to be a lawyer, but Mark Cantrell has been both. Before he started his career as a Riverside criminal defense trial lawyer in 1994, he was a scientist working on classified military missile programs at the former Norton Air Force Base. He is currently an adjunct professor of mathematics at Riverside City College. He is well known in the Riverside criminal defense community as being one of the best trial attorneys for high profile cases.

Visitors to his office are invited to read copies of newspaper articles about him. He is admitted to practice in all California state and federal courts. Mr. Cantrell handles a wide range of cases but family law, DUI defense and criminal defense are his favorite areas of practice because the client can often be helped by a qualified attorney.

Mark Cantrell is a member of the San Bernardino County Bar Association (SBCBA), Inland Trial Lawyers Association, California Public Defenders Association (CPDA) and the Association of Federal Defense Attorneys (AFDA).

Why should you hire me?

Every attorney on the internet says they will fight for you. However, most defense attorneys never do jury trials. Attorneys who handle trials are more respected by the District Attorney, and as a result, get better results. I have completed over 325 jury trials. Just a few of my many successes are on my website and are reported in newspaper articles. You can see copies of the newspaper articles at my office.

Here is our challenge for you. Do you know any Deputy DA who works in downtown Riverside? If you don’t, just ask a police officer to provide you with a name of a DA who works at the downtown Riverside court. Then ask that DA for a confidential opinion about Mark Cantrell. You will find that I have an outstanding reputation and I have earned the respect of the DA's office.
Criminal and DUI

Your FREEDOM is at stake. You need the best Riverside criminal defense and Riverside DUI defense lawyer by your side so you know that everything possible is being done to fight your case. If we decide that your case should be resolved by a plea bargain, I will do all I can to obtain the best possible result.

Each case is different, but you can always expect a vigorous defense and trial preparation when you have me by your side. In DUI cases there will be:

(1) a careful analysis of the police reports to uncover weaknesses or mistakes made by the officer in the field sobriety and chemical tests;

(2) a review by scientific experts of the breath or blood test results; and

(3) independent testing of the blood samples.

In all criminal cases, our trial preparation includes an independent investigation by licensed private investigators who will interview your witnesses and develop any possible defenses to challenge the police version of the events.

Do not be fooled by attorneys advertising extremely low fees. Their low fees are telling you that they are not worth much.


Find out why I feel I'm the best DUI attorney in San Bernardino and Riverside county!


New DUI Laws for 2019



It is extremely important that you retain an attorney who is not afraid to go trial and fight for you. Most attorneys never do trials despite all their tough talk in their advertisements.

There can never be any guarantees of a particular result. However, when choosing a lawyer, it makes sense to go with an attorney with a proven track record of success.

Here are a few recent cases. We have omitted the clients' name for privacy but you can go to the court website for the complete public history.

Riverside Criminal Case Number RIF 089999. Murder case. The other defendant was convicted of murder and was sentenced to life in prison. Attorney Cantrell's client was found NOT GUILTY by the jury and went home that day.

San Bernardino Criminal Case Number FSB702104. Murder charge DISMISSED.

San Bernardino Criminal Case Number FSB 055230. Attempted Murder. Attorney Cantrell took the case to jury trial. The client was NOT CONVICTED and the case was dismissed.

Riverside Criminal Case Number SWF025444. This client was falsely accused of one of the worst crimes imaginable: rape of a child. You can imagine the nightmare experienced by the accused. Attorney Cantrell took the case to trial and the case was dismissed by the Judge.

Riverside Criminal Case Number INF 055020: Gang related attempted murder. The other defendant was convicted by the jury and is facing life in prison. Attorney Cantrell's client was NOT CONVICTED at the same trial. After the trial, the case settled for less than the client offered before the trial.

Click on "Success Stories" for additional examples.

TV Appearance

Mark Cantrell on Investigaton Discovery

View Mark Cantrell's appearance on Investigation Discovery's Breaking Point. Watch it here

Mark Cantrell - In the News
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Attorney Cantrell was recently in the news. The client was facing life in prison but Attorney Cantrell and the other defense attorneys were able to get the case dismissed. The newspaper article can be found here



Recent Murder Trial Success
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Attorney Cantrell just completed a murder trial in Riverside, Case Number RIF 154612.  Client was facing 50 years to life in prison. The jury found the client NOT GUILTY on the murder charges. Further details may be found on the court website. Read more success stories here