Lawyer Mark Cantrell

Do I really need a lawyer? I am totally innocent!

Many people make a big mistake. They think that just because they are innocent, they don't need the best criminal defense lawyer.

The Court system is designed to be "adversarial." This means the District Attorney represents the government, not you. They have no obligation to tell you if there are holes in his case or weaknesses in the evidence. If the police violated your rights or made mistakes, the DA won't tell you that a motion to suppress evidence or even to dismiss the case is appropriate.

The Judge can't take sides so they can't tell you what to do either.

The only person in the system who is on your side is your defense attorney. So the answer is YES, you do need a lawyer.

For most misdemeanors, you never even have to go to Court if you retain our office.

You should also know that if you let the Judge appoint the Public Defender, then the Judge has to order you to reimburse the county based on your ability to pay. You will be ordered to appear in Court and waste many hours away from work and family. In addition, the Public Defender is under a lot of pressure to get rid of cases. They work for the government just like the District Attorney. We don't have that pressure and so we can do whatever is best for you.

Our goal is to get the case dismissed or reduced. No one can predict the future, but we have a lot of legal defense success stories and just a few of them are on our web site. If you don't hire us, you will never know if your case could have been dismissed or reduced.