Ask Attorney Cantrell -
How do I get my license back after it's been suspended?

Attorney Mark Cantrell answers a question from Michael about getting his license back after a DUI.
This video explains the two separate suspensions you will receive for a first time DUI.

Under what circumstances does the DMV have jurisdiction to give you a suspension?

Each DUI case is different but in a basic first time offense case the DMV has the jurisdiction to suspend your license if your blood alcohol level was .08 or above. This would be your first suspension. In the event that your level is below .08 or it's only drugs the DMV does not have the jurisdiction to give you a suspension. There are ways to reduce this time explained in this video.
How long will your license be suspended for?

If your blood alcohol level was above .08 and it was your first DUI offense the DMV will suspend your license for four months. This is the first suspension you will see..
What determines how long the second license suspension will be?
If you are convicted in court of a DUI the amount of time that your license will be suspended the second time is based on what your blood alcohol level was. Typically the suspension is either six months or ten months.
Can I get my license back sooner?

There are ways to reduce the amount of time your license was suspended before and/or after your conviction. This process requires taking a course from the DMV, showing proof of insurance and making a request.
When can I get a restricted license after it has been suspended?

After the first suspension it is possible to get a restricted license from the DMV after 30 days in the state of California. Click here to learn how to get a restricted license.

The bottom line is the DUI process can be long if you try to handle this on your own. This is where an experience attorney can be very valuable to you and help ou get your life back together. Learn more about DUI defense here or contact Attorney Mark Cantrell to help you with your DUI case.

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